Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dance Lessons - Dance Twice a Week to Get Better Faster

by Andrew Weitzen
My first regular, weekly dancing was in Chicago.
Some people organized a Jewish singles party. They invited a local <a href="" target="_blank">Israeli Dance</a> group to keep us entertained. None of us could dance, but my Dad taught me to be a good sport, so I joined in.
The Israeli Dancing group left their flyers. I took one and the next Thursday, I went to their dance session.
For the next four months, on Thursday nights, I went Israeli Dancing. The dancing was new to me and at first I was emotionally exhausted after an hour. By the end, I had worked my way up to staying through both the beginner and intermediate sessions.
After leaving Chicago, and after a couple of stops, my travels took me to South Florida. Along the way, I managed to dance most weeks. It took me about a year and a half to feel comfortable on the dance floor and be able to stay for the advanced dancing.
My cousin moved to South Florida and I took her dancing. By that time, we were going twice a week. In only a few months, my cousin was already dancing with the advanced dancers. What took me two years, she accomplished in four months.
Dancing a second night each week makes a world of difference.
When you only dance once-a-week, you miss days here and there. You may end up only dancing twice a month. Progress is slow, because you forget what you learned and have to repeat the same lessons.
When you dance twice-a-week, you get much better faster, more than twice as fast. When you miss a day, you still dance that same week. Instead of dancing only twice a month, you end up dancing six times a month. You progress, because you reinforce what you learned and then move on.
When I started teaching my own Gainesville Israeli Folk Dancing group, even though we had a small community, I organized dancing twice a week. I did not want to wait two years to do advanced dances. My plan worked. We were able to do advanced dances after only a few months.
If you want to progress faster, try dancing twice a week.
<b>About the Author</b>

Andrew Weitzen is the author of <a href="" title="dance lessons, ballroom, salsa, swing">Partnership Dancing</a> - <a href="" title="dance lessons, ballroom, salsa, swing">Lessons on How to Dance with a Partner</a>

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dec 28 Washington, DC Israeli Dance Marathon Machol Atlantic Party

You are cordially invited to the:







Matzlichim, Mamri'im,

Bein Ha'Esh U'Vein

U'Vein Hamayim, Chikiti

Lach, Menagev Lach et

Hadma'ot, Heya Heya, Al 

                                Telchi Li, and many more



                              Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

7:30 PM-?

Tikvat Israel Congregation

2200 Baltimore Rd., Rockville 20851

Cost: $12.00

Glatt Kosher Chinese Food will be served

Questions? or call Moshe Shem-Tov (240)899-5777


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dec-Jan New York Israeli Folk Dacne Basics Course

Rikud / Israeli Dance NewsNYC: 12/1, Fall/Winter Israeli Folk Dance Basics @ 92nd Street "Y"


An intensive progressive series to learn
the basic repertoire and styles of
Israeli folk dance.

Instructor: Ruth Goodman

Place: The 92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Ave. at 92nd Street
New York City

Dates: Wednesdays, Dec. 1, 8, 15;
Jan. 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Fee: $100 (includes admission to the
Open Session that follows
from 8:00 pm – 12:45 am)

To register online see:
and enter the course code: BD3DW05-02
Or call: 212-415-5765

Direct link:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov-Dec Burlington, Vermont Israeli Dancing

Israeli folk Dancing     
Ohavi  Zedek  Synagogue
Socials Room    188 North Prospect Street    Burlington, VT
Office:  802.864.0218, ext. 21
All ages and skill levels are welcome!
Dances are taught, reviewed and prompted step by step. 
Most are done in circles and lines, so no partner is needed.
Wear comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes with clean tread.
If you wish, bring a dance, with music on C D, to teach.
$2.00  -  free first session
November 7        November 21        
December 5         December 19    


>     T I M E T A B L E    >                  
7:25 PM - 8:15  PM     beginning dancing and  teaching
8:15 PM - 9  PM    intermediate dancing AND teaching
9 PM - 9:30 PM    advanced
Email Portia: to be on our contact list.
In extreme weather, call 802.888.5706 before 5 PM on any dance date.  

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dec 24-27 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Israeli Dance Camp Machol Miami

I hope you are planning to join us in the celebration of dance, friendship and the good life that is Machol Miami.  The event is going to start in less than two months, and the cut off date for "Early Bird" registration discount is November 15th.   I hope that you will be able to register by then, and enjoy the discounted rate.


Machol Miami will take place at the Sheraton in Fort Lauderdale December 24-27.  There will be "before" and "after" parties in the JCC on the nights of December 23 and December 27.  I hope that you will be able to make it to the whole five nights.


Ron and I have just returned from a trip to Israel about two weeks ago. We met with our two choreographers, Dudu Barzilay and Yaron Malichi.  I was looking for two choreographers that not only will be able to present good dances, of themselves and others, but also that will work well together.  I was very happy to see the warmth and cooperation between them.  Dudu and Yaron were both excited about Machol Miami, each giving us a long list of dances that they would like to teach (some of which are still under construction). All in all I think that we will have an outstanding team this year.


The theme nights this year will be Shabbat on Friday night,  Brazilian night on Saturday night and Winter Wonderland on Sunday night.  Since Miami does not really have a winter, it is going to be a fantasy night where people can give free rein to their imagination.  The Brazilian night is going to be outstanding, with a group of Israeli dancers who will join us directly from Brazil…


We finalized the menu with the caterer. It took some work to adjust the menu to the theme nights, and come up with culinary innovations that will surpass the offerings last year.  We put up a high bar, and the results seem to be very promising.  We also finalized the contract to bring in our fabulous dance floor, the one that we have used for the last couple of years to rave reviews. 


So all the preparations are moving along well.  The only missing part is you.  I hope to see you in the picture, and have you in our circle again.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nov 24 Philadelphia pre-Thanksgiving Isreali Dance marathon

Rikud / Israeli Dance NewsPHILLY'S PRE-THANKSGIVING MARATHON: WED., 11-24-10
DATE: Wednesday, Nov 24, 2010
TIMES: 8:30pm - 4:00am
HOSTS & PROGRAMMERS: Don Schillinger, Rob Markowitz, and Mona Goldstein

PROGRAM: A mixture of circle, partner, and line dances will be played
throughout the evening. New dances, not so new dances, and classic
dances will be played. Bring your dance requests!

LOCATION: Adath Israel, 250 N. Highland Ave., Merion (a suburb of
Philadelphia), PA 19066

COST: $18.00/adult, $12.00/student, $12.00/adult over 65

SNACKS: Includes refreshments, snacks, and a light meal

SPECIAL NOTE: Prior to the dance marathon, there will be a program for
families with children. Last year's program was very well attended,
extremely successful, and fun & energizing for the kids. The family
program will run from 6:00pm-8:00pm.


For additional information or speciifc questions about the driving
directions, feel free to send email or call. My contact information is
listed below.

-- DON --

Don Schillinger
RAK-DAN Entertainment
P.O. Box 21768
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Tel: 215-760-6800

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

October 6 New York Israeli folk dance basics series


An intensive progressive series to learn
the basic repertoire and styles of
Israeli folk dance.

Instructor: Ruth Goodman

Place: The 92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Ave. at 92nd Street
New York City

Dates: Wednesdays, Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27;
Nov. 3, 10, 17
Time: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Fee: $100 (includes admission to the Open Session that follows
from 8:00 pm – 12:45 am)

To register online see: and enter the course code: BD3DW05-01
Or call: 212-415-5765
Direct link: